Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How To Trace A HACKER Who Hacked You


This Commands for windows os

1:open command prompt(CMD)

2:type in that netstat -b or -o

3:then you will see all the connections to your pc

4:open task manager then go to view then select columns then Process 
Identifier (Pid)

5:now open CMD you should see all the ip and sites or networking 
applications they have a Process Identifier

6:compare them and find a weired process like svchost then trace where the file is

7:kill the process then delete the file creating it, check your startup for it also

8:go to run and type msconfig

9:go to startup and disable all the things..

And U want to try on ur Linux system then use same method but commands are diffrent:-

1: open ur Terminal (ctrl+shift+t)

2: type netstat -b or -o (this command for comman for windows or linux)

3: open process list  type ps -a in terminal

4: comapare the process and kill the process

5: kill <pid no> (this command use for the kill the process)

try it............ :)