Saturday, September 6, 2014

Web Server Cookie Disclouser Vulnerability Scanner

Hello Guys,
           I have write a Python code for checking Web Application Vulnerability

HTTP Only cookie is only accessed from the server side, no client script can access that cookie, when a webserver get a big cookie like same 10000 of characters for example A is char, it cannot process so it get us back error 400 [bad request], in that error has a vulnerability, its disclose cookies on a webserver.
Most of all dont know about the how to check a HTTPOnly vulnerability and web server Cookie Disclouser Vulnerability, some People runs a Tools like Acunetix and burp scan or netsparker there are most of time you will see a HTTPOnly flag is not set or cookies not protected, they just saw it and patched it through .htaccess file or including scripts in php headers file to protect a web server. But Most of dnt know how to check it, So i made it a script for checking specially for cookie disclouser vulnerability on web server
[+] I Have Made a Python Script for Checking HTTPOnly and Web server Cookie Disclouser Vulnerability.
[+] Test it Manually for checking vulnerability of HttpOnly on Web Applications, this is very common vulnerabilty on nowadays [+] Impact of this Vulnerability is Low as well as Medium depending upon the Attacker :D
[+] Using of this python file on windows is very Simple
[+] Download a python for windows from here:
[+] Run a python File [+] C:\python27>python.exe and file path
Here is some Screenshots:
[+] If Target is Vulnerable

[+] If Target is Not Vulnerable

[+] Proof of Exploiting Vulnerability using Browser, Need an Cookie Manager

Download the Python Code from here:

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