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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How to Customize Desktop in windows and Linux

First Install RAINMETER On your System

Rainmeter 3.0 beta:

See Video :

Download Desktop Skins from here: 

BlueVision v0.2:

IronMan Devices:

Rainmeter clock:

Download HUD Evolution and Alienware Themes From Here :

HUD Evolution :  For HUD Evolution Click here


AlienGUIse Breed Theme: 

Ex. 1

Ex. 2

Installed programs:

-Stardock MyColors
-AlienGUIse Breed Theme (for Windows 7)
-Rainmeter (Rainthemes)
-ObjectDock Plus 2
-BlueVision v0.2 Alpha (Rainmeter skin)
-Iron Man: Weather Machine (Atmosphere Readings)
-Rainmeter Clock (animated dials)

For EX. 2 package Download Hackers pack from rainmeter

After  Downloading :

Place your skins which should be located in the Skins folder of the Rainmeter folder

Should look like this 

C:\Users\<Your-User>\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\  <-- palce in there with the rest of the Folders

Refresh your Rainmeter and should be there..

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  1. hey manish your web site is cool!!!!
    but I wanted to know how much RAM does it use and by installing it will the OS be of windows 7 onlyyyyyy?????