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Thursday, 25 October 2012

How To Find Admin Login Page or control panel of Website

 Hello Guys:-
           I can see that many of you is unable or don’t know how to find the admin login page for the control panel of a website so i thought about writing a little tutorial about the method i use to find admin login pages. 
           Using the Tools you can find login pages very fast. It tests about 2 url's every second, and does 200 links in less than a minute. Of course it also depends on your internet speed.
             I added Some online links and some tools for the help of find out admin pages or website control panel.
 Download online links and Tool end of the Article*

Admin Pages look like these :
My Best One I Ever Use For Testing 2082

U also Find Out Login Pages Online sites Just Put up  your Target URL On that Site, And It will Check Automatically, Using Online Site Or Tools when u get the 200 OK Response Means Admin Page is Found..

Download Link:- Admin page Finder By venomous hacker 

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  1. the page finder alwys says: That site is incorrect.

  2. How to know that
    someone website what application installed eg: Wordpress, Durpal...ETC
    Plz help me

    1. download wappalyzer extension for browser

    2. hi try to install an google extension called wappalyzer and try to open any website and click on the extension icon you will see the full details with server

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  6. I need help. A contractor who had a dispute with me posted a negative ad on Craigslist. The posting is no longer on Craigslist but the ad still appears on the internet. After contacting Craigslist, they told me to contact the administrator of the web page where the cached content appears regarding its removal. I have no idea how to do any of this. Any information you can give me to identify the admin and then how to contact them would be great.