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Saturday, 18 February 2012


Staff is well able that these programs have been removed from the net
More if they can leave the list to find make good use of

Trojans: Beast 2.0.7 Brazil spy 2.0b 1.23b Cia Cold Fusion 1.2 Institution Lithium Lithium 1.0.3 Mosucker 3.0. B3 1.5 Net Devil Nuclear Rat 1.0b Optix 1:33 Outbreak 0.3.0b ProRat 1.9 Shark 0.6TequilaBandita1.2 Turkojan 4 Beta CFRAT Char0n MofoTroOmerta1.3 theef 2.1 1.2 Yuri Netcat

Joiners and Binders: Afx Pro executable binder pair chti hack Binder Binder 2.0b Binder 2.1bChameleon Frusion 1.0 FSG 2.0 FIX 3.0 Binder Hammer Hammer Binder 3.0 Pack1 Pack2 Hammer Binder 3.0 1.9 Morphine NTPackerUPolyX 0.5 UPX 1.25w UPX 1.90b by Joiner Blade 4m0kjoin3rbytesadder coolbind2.2 daecr2pub EESBinder1.0 freshbindnkedbindv1.0 yab2.0.1 Themida 1.9.5
Keyloggers: Ardamax 2.9Lite Ardamax keylogger xCode 2.1.0 (exclusive) to extract password: insidebrasil Icons for xCode keylogger and other KeySpy 2.0 Elite Keylogger 1.0 FKWP SKL 1.0 2.0 Recon Radar Spy 1.0 Passoworl Logger Lttlogger 2.0 1.0 Logit Aplus Curiosity fks 2.0 k3yl0g3rkeycopy

Virus, Worms: Vbswg 2 00 001 Blaster Happy99 HippiLoveletter Massacre MXZ Nimda Sasser DRvbs Pokes Worm Gen 2 u

Rootkit: 9xRX AFX Rootkit 2003 2004 AFX Rootkit 2005 Rootkit AFX AFX Rootkit 2005 Fix! hxdef 0.8.4 hxdef 1.0 IProtect Nuclear Rootkit 1.0

Ip Port Scan Force: Brutus AET2 crack Ftp Linux Ftpbrut hckutil Linux crack Pop shadown Scan wbrute Linuxwwwh4ckv1.946

CGI-Bug Scanners: attacktoolkit cgis4CGIScan legion 2:11 NStealth5.8b ntscan2.1b nview1.0 voideye

Web Vulnerability: 4.0 Acunetix Acunetix 5.0 Flood and Spam Email: Send Spam TGA 3 Exploits: Metasploit

Msn Hacker Bots: Advanced Blood Scroller aimpr ContactSpy Encrypted Messenger 3MSN Hacker MsnExplosion msnexte3 mspass nudgemadness

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